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Google Apps for Education - 21st Century Learners

posted Sep 3, 2014, 5:22 AM by Shelley Eaton ‎[Wessels]‎
Dear Westerville City School District Families:

As part of our continuing effort to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners, the Westerville City School District soon will be providing students with an account for “Google Apps for Education.” All high school and middle school students, as well as some elementary students, will receive their accounts this school year. Remaining elementary student accounts will be phased in later.

Google Apps for Education is much more than a Gmail account. This powerful suite of online tools greatly expands the ability of students to work together on assignments and communicate with their teachers. Because learning does not stop when children leave school for the day, this account also will allow students to access to their documents, projects and other important work any day and any time in a secure, online environment. In addition, teachers will be able to use the system to provide feedback on student work, monitor student participation in projects and receive class assignments electronically.

As part of our “Learning & Teaching Roadmap,” we will be providing mobile devices throughout our schools to achieve a ratio of two students for every one device. Initially we have trained some of our teachers at all grade levels as “Power Users” of these mobile devices and the Google Apps system. As a result, students in these classrooms will receive their accounts in the coming weeks and learn how to access them from school and home. We will be sure to share this information with families as well so you can see and experience everything the Google Apps system entails. All of our teachers eventually will receive training as we continue to implement the Learning & Teaching Roadmap.

We believe this will be a great addition to your child’s 21st Century skill set because not only does it extend their learning possibilities, but it prepares them to work in an electronic environment comparable to those found in higher education and today’s workplace. We’re excited to bring this new opportunity to our students and families. Please watch for more information about Google Apps for Education in the near future.


Dr. John R. Kellogg