Warhawk Academic Booster Leadership

Executive Board:

Sarah O'Bryan - President

Lynne Pasi - Vice President

Molly Frizzell - Vice President, Arts & Crafts Market

Marcie Mohnsen - Treasurer

Susan Brandon - Secretary

Amy Villwock  - Parent Council Representative

Lori Wilson - Communications

OPEN - Diversity & Equity Representative

Committee Chairs:

Jen Gibson & Esther Manoharan - Scholarship Chair

Lynne Pasi - Audrey Tanzillo Lionhearted Memorial Scholarship

Darlene Dalton & Esther Manoharan - Teacher Appreciation

Seunghee Lim - GEM

Katie Zolanik-Fuller - T-Shirt Sales

Open - Webmaster

Open - Educator Grants

Ali Price - Student of the Month

Molly Frizzell - Craft Market, Overall Chairperson

Ann Chadwick - Craft Market, Vendors

Nicole Johnson - Craft Market, Volunteer Coordinator

Jen Gibson & Esther Manoharan - Craft Market, Raffle

Sarah O'Bryan - Craft Market, Bake Sale

Amy Villwock & Katie Zolanik-Fuller - Craft Market, Concessions

Kim Snyder - Craft Market, Advertising